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Washington State Seal
State of Washington
1. Department of General Administration (GA now under DES)
Contract #: 32206 - MCM Project Management, LLC
  1. Acquisition Planning Services
  2. Project Management and Technology Analysis Services
  3. Technical Documentation and Writing Services
  4. Strategic and Architectural Technology Services
  5. Security, Quality, Change Control and Disaster Recovery Services
  6. Mainframe Applications and Database Development Services
  7. Client/Server Application and Database Development and Modification Services
  8. Workstation Installation & Support
  9. Web-based Applications and Database Development and Modification Services
  10. Technical Support for System Administration and Local Area Networks Operations and Project Implementation Services
  11. Desktop Applications Development and Training
  12. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

State of Washington
2. Department of Information Services (DIS/ITPS now under DES)
Contract #: T08-MST-708 - MCM Project Management, LLC
  1. Project Management
  2. Technology Architecture Development
  3. Security Analysis
  4. Systems Analysis
  5. Network System Administration
  6. Software Quality Assurance & Testing
  7. Workstation Installation & Support, Client Server
  8. Web & N-Tier Application Development
  9. General Database Administrator/Database Developer/Data Analyst Information Technology (IT) Support Services to Washington State Agencies.